The More You Play The More You Learn: Activity Kits From Popup Kids

All play and no work cannot make your Jill or Jim dumb this time. The amazing range of baby activity kits curated by Popup Kids can impart knowledge on Various practical aspects of life in a unique way. Keeping boredom at bay, they ingeniously engage your baby in a playful yet active process of learning, developing cognitive faculties, motor skills, mindfulness and concentration.

The wide range caters to your kid's choice:

Popup Kids has intelligently organized a wide range of baby activity kits to cater to the varied and multiple interests of your baby. The range includes play kits like medical activity kit, beauty activity kit, tool kit, barn kit, and kits facilitating further learning like sensory science, cylinder science and brain tickling science. They not only keep your baby glued to a variety of fun filled tasks but also promise perceptive and insightful learning outcomes.

They spur on your baby's Imagination:

The impressive range of baby activity kits curated by Popup Kids encourage your baby to actively participate in role playing. While the stethoscope from the medical activity kit encourages your kid to emulate the role of a doctor, the play toys in the beauty activity kit awaken the fashion diva in her.Your baby's attempts at imitating different personas further strengthen its power of imagination and observation to quicken the process of learning.

They ensure safety:

Crafted out of toxin free materials the baby activity kits from Popup Kids are absolutely safe for your child. The 3D play toys, made up of non toxic cotton and felt, are gentle to your baby's skin. Moreover they do not have any sharp edges to reach any harm to your baby.

They are attractive:

The play toys that accompany the baby activity kits come in cute, little bags that are handmade and exclusively designed with embroidery work. The toys along with the bags come in a wide range of vibrant shades to lift up your baby's mood.

They are interesting:

Some of the baby activity kits curated by Popup kids incorporate mind tickling DIY experiments with simple scientific phenomenons that can truly accelerate the learning process. They unfold the manifold mysteries of science in a unique way making your baby all the more active and inquisitive.

Being washable they maintain hygiene:

While dry cleaning is suggested for most of these baby activity kits,some are hand washable. They can be cleaned often for the purpose of maintaining hygiene.

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